What’s New in ScanExpress 9.10.0

ScanExpress Application Versions

ScanExpress Debugger6.12.0
ScanExpress DFT Analyzer2.15.0
ScanExpress Flash Generator3.19.0
ScanExpress Runner Gang4.62.0
ScanExpress Programmer1.28.0
ScanExpress Runner6.31.0
ScanExpress TPG/Merge/JET2.26.0
ScanExpress Viewer2.15.0

Script Improvements

The Corelis ScanExpress scripting language, shared between ScanExpress applications, has new and improved features for handling data files. Scripts in ScanExpress TPG, Debugger, and JET can take advantage of file access features to read and process data for use in boundary-scan and JET tests.

  • File operations can now specify a read/write mode when accessing files. Scripts with the fopen function can take advantage of additional flexibility when opening or creating files.
  • New functions fcrc32 and crc32data have been added to the script language for generating CRC32 result from a file or from data directly within a script. For example, a data file can be checked for integrity prior to using as a data source for boundary-scan or JET tests.

64-bit DLL for ScanExpress Debugger API

ScanExpress Debugger now includes a 64-bit DLL for direct integration with 64-bit applications. The 64-bit API can be used to directly integrate boundary-scan pin input/output capabilities with a wide variety of applications including NI LabVIEW, TestStand, LabWindows/CVI, Keysight VEE, and a variety of programming languages.

ScanExpress Release Notes

ScanExpress 9.10.0


  • SEP-68: Added support for SPI flash devices that require two write cycles for quad mode register configuration.
  • SETPG-231: Added new ‘fcrc32’ and ‘crc32data’ scripting functions.
  • SEBT-301: Resolved an issue with ‘fcrc8’ script function producing an incorrect result.
  • SEP-60: Added new test step option to perform a reset sequence after programming MSP430 devices when using Spy-Bi-Wire mode with NetUSB II. This feature requires NetUSB II firmware v1.04 or greater.

ScanExpress Debugger Version 6.12.0

  • SED-13: Added 64-bit DLL for ScanExpress Debugger API.

ScanExpress Flash Generator Version 3.19.0

  • SEFG-28: Resolved an issue where newly created flash files for some types of devices were missing upper address pins.

ScanExpress JET Version 2.26.0

  • SEBT-155, SEJET-214, SETPG-231: Resolved an issue where newly created flash files for some types of devices were missing upper address pins.
  • SEJET-224: Resolved an issue when generating custom tests.

ScanExpress Runner Version 6.31.0

ScanExpress Runner Gang Edition Version 4.62.0

  • SER-548, SER-553: Resolved an issue where address offset values were displayed incorrectly.

ScanExpress TPG Version 2.26.0

  • SETPG-235: Added alternate syntax for the ‘fopen’ script function to allow specifying a C-style file open mode string.
  • SETPG-233: Resolved an issue with the ‘fnumbytes’ script function returning an incorrect result.
  • SETPG-215: Changed message when devices with multiple BSDLs include overlapping internal and external pin identifiers from an error to a warning. This will allow use of the MCD wizard with Xilinx Zynq and similar devices.
  • SETPG-221: Resolved an issue when adding TAP breaks using the ‘Move Up’ button on the Preparation Scan Chain screen.

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