What’s New in ScanExpress 9.8.0

ScanExpress Application Versions

Application Version
ScanExpress Debugger 6.11.0
ScanExpress DFT Analyzer 2.14.0
ScanExpress Flash Generator 3.17.0
ScanExpress Programmer 1.26.0
ScanExpress Runner 6.29.0
ScanExpress TPG/Merge/JET 2.24.0
ScanExpress Viewer 2.14.0

ScanExpress JET Advanced Diagnostics

ScanExpress JET can now take advantage of optional ScanExpress JET Advanced Diagnostics for detailed memory test diagnostics with fully-automated analysis. Processor-controlled functional test results are diagnosed down to the net-and-pin level, even on BGA components where physical debug and test access is limited.

The precise diagnostics are ideal for embedded systems during development, production, deployment, and repair. ScanExpress JET Advanced Diagnostics integrates with the Corelis ScanExpress suite of software, including ScanExpress Runner for test execution and ScanExpress Viewer for PCB fault visualization.

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ScanExpress Release Notes

ScanExpress 9.8.0


  • SER-128: The NetUSB II pin assignment dialog window now supports resizing.
  • SEBT-281: Increased the maximum address offset for flash programming.
  • SER-508: Resolved an issue where performing an entire device blank check could result in an error.

ScanExpress JET

  • SEJET-122: Added new JET Advanced Memory Diagnostics for net-and-pin-level memory diagnostics. For supported processors, please contact Corelis sales.
  • SEJET-213: Resolved an incorrect architecture setting when generating tests for some Texas Instruments processors.

ScanExpress Programmer

  • SEP-41: Resolved an issue with the Read tab when using binary data files.

ScanExpress 9.7.2

ScanExpress TPG

  • SETPG-70, SETPG-194: Resolved an issue where DONT_USE_MEMORY_PIN pin constraints were being applied to all devices in the bank. These constraints may now be applied to each device individually.

ScanExpress 9.7.1

ScanExpress TPG

  • SETPG-132: Improved EDIF netlist support.
  • SETPG-43: Added description of memory device bank order to the ScanExpress TPG User’s Manual.

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