What’s New in ScanExpress 9.9.0

ScanExpress Application Versions

ScanExpress Debugger6.11.0
ScanExpress DFT Analyzer2.14.0
ScanExpress Flash Generator3.18.0
ScanExpress Programmer1.27.0
ScanExpress Runner6.30.0
ScanExpress TPG/Merge/JET2.25.0
ScanExpress Viewer2.14.0

NAND Flash Bad Block Management

ScanExpress Software now includes bad block management for NAND flash devices when erasing, programming, and verifying with boundary-scan flash in-system-programming software. The skip block method will be used to read factory bad block markers and automatically skip to the next available block. Support is included in ScanExpress in-system-programming applications, including ScanExpress Flash Generator, ScanExpress Runner, ScanExpress Programmer, and more.

ScanExpress Release Notes

ScanExpress 9.9.0


  • SEFG-21: Added support for newer Micron SPI NAND flash devices.
  • SEFG-12: Added support for skipping and recording bad blocks during NAND flash programming operations.

ScanExpress Programmer

  • SEP-64: Resolved an issue where TAFP operations could fail when using the SEPdll.dll on some systems.

ScanExpress Runner

  • SER-544: Resolved an issue where FPI execution could fail with some boundary-scan controllers.
  • SER-545: Resolved an issue where JET test step output was not being logged when using the “Log All Errors” setting.
  • SER-539: Resolved an issue where the application could fail to create or update intermediate SVF or JAM/STAPL execution files with read-only file permissions.
  • SER-548: Resolved an issue where the flash programming block locking list and custom data list would display incorrect values.

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