A Successful Approach to Boundary-Scan Test Development

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Design-for-Testability for Boundary-Scan


This webinar distills years of experience working with customers and developing customer test procedures. Learn a successful approach to boundary-scan test development from our experts and add our experience base to your knowledge. We will discuss blockers to successful test procedure development, some common hurdles, and how to resolve them.

Content Agenda
1. Intro
2. Measuring Success – What is successful test procedure development?
3. Strategy – Planning for successful development
4. Important Skills – Useful knowledge and capabilities
5. Perspectives – Aligning test capabilities with goals
6. Test Tactics – Methods for maximizing success
7. Common Hurdles – Frequent blockers and how to remove them
8. Conclusion

by Todd Yuen
Senior Applications Engineer
Corelis Inc.

Todd has forty-three years of Aerospace and Commercial engineering. He has been with Corelis for 21 years and has a BSEE from Purdue University of West Lafayette, Indiana. His Corelis background includes developing boundary scan tests for over one-hundred and fifty customer boards and assisting customers for fifteen years in Support and as an Applications Engineer. His favorite past-times consist of celebrating with chocolate when his assistance helps customers experience an AHA! moment.

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