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In today’s fast paced environment with short time-to-market requirements, it has become increasingly important to design products that allow for early fault and failure detection. The earlier a mistake or a defect can be detected in the design phase or in the production process, the less money it will cost to remedy it and the sooner the product will be ready for production or shipment. Therefore, a good Design-For-Test (DFT) strategy is needed for the design, prototype and production phase of a product.

Article Includes:

  • 58 pages of DFT guide information
  • Why Test, What is Boundary-Scan, What is JTAG Emulation Test
  • Design Considerations and Component Selection
  • Boundary-Scan Chain and Boundary-Scan Devices
  • Control of Non Boundary-Scan Devices
  • Connectors and Other Interfaces
  • Device-Specific Considerations
  • Test Expectations
  • At-Speed Functional Testing
  • Finding Faults and more…

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