BusPro-I Whitepaper

Debugging a Boundary-Scan I2C Script Test with the BusPro – I and I2C Exerciser Software: A Case Study

When developing and debugging I2C based hardware and software, it is extremely helpful to see exactly what is happening on the I2C bus. This article describes a case where the BusPro – I hardware and I2C Exerciser software were used to debug an I2C interface—specifically, Corelis engineers used the BusPro – I to debug I2C bus master scripts from our own ScanExpress TPG boundary-scan software. The techniques described can help with debugging any I2C-based system.

Article includes:

  • Writing to an I2C Digital to Analog Converter (DAC)
  • Reading back from an I2C DAC
  • Monitoring I2C bus traffic to identify protocol errors
  • Using waveform displays to diagnose and resolve protocol errors

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BusPro-I Whitepaper
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