Corelis BGA Fault Detection and Diagnosis Whitepaper

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Visual inspection and electrical testing can be highly successful at identifying board-level defects after assembly, but sometimes detection alone is not enough. Modern fine-pitch Ball Grid Array (BGA) devices in particular present real problems—there is often no physical or visible access to the device pins, limiting diagnostic capability. Even when an open circuit is detected between two BGA devices, this data alone is not enough to determine which device is actually at fault. Even X-ray inspection equipment cannot always provide conclusive visual evidence when such a defect is encountered.

Article Includes:

  • BGA Fault detection with JTAG test
  • Isolating and Diagnosing the Fault with JTAG
  • Using 3 JTAG Devices to Identify Pin Faults
  • Using an External Probe to Improve Diagnosis
  • JTAG Starter Kit Information
Corelis BGA Fault Detection and Diagnosis Whitepaper
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